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There is no surefire way to guarantee big or constant wins in craps but there are basic craps tips that you can follow in order to maxmize win potential and minimize loss potential.
  1. If you play without discipline, rely strictly on luck, set unrealistic winning goals and have no proper money management system then you're destined to lose. Make sure you don't follow that path.
  2. Betting the same amount each time will almost always see you losing. It's all in the odds and odds are that you'll lose your money if you bet that way. You might want to try the Progression and Regression method (increasing and decreasing your wagers at a fixed rate, i.e. starting with twice the table minimum, followed by the minimum, and so on as you win) is probably your best bet to make money in the long-term.
  3. Be careful how you let your winnings ride. It's good to press your winnings now and then but if you keep doing so and a nasty seven comes along, you'll have basically nothing to show for yourself.
  4. Craps is classed as a game of "streaks". Winning streaks and losing streaks. With this in minf, you should always try to have a decent bankroll for your protection when the losing streak comes around. You should bring enough cash to wager 25 to 30 bets to ensure the security of your winnings when they do finally come along.

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